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We are dedicated to IT security

X and Me Technology AG is a Swiss technology company with strong focus on IT security. We offer products and services for web privacy and security. X and Me offers Security-as-a-Service solutions for SME and corporates. Besides pure technology licensing, X and Me provides services like customization, implementation and ongoing support. Large scale hosting and other service requiring extended resources are provided in cooperation with selected external partners.

Initially, Cyberwall technology was developed with consumers' online privacy in mind - to render Browser Fingerprinting impossible. Soon it became clear, that the technological concept behind Cyberwall has a wide field of application. Since most security solutions are signature-based and/or dependent on detection of malicious activities, attackers found (and still find) ever new ways around them. With Cyberwall not being based on detection, but simply disabling a majority of attack vectors, a (back then) entirely new form of web protection was found. Other advantages of the technologies are its wide applicability, as well as additional built-in features. 


Backdoor-free values

  • We believe internet freedom and security are important values.
  • We develop our software with love and passion for privacy, high security and Internet freedom.
  • We keep our software strictly free of known backdoors and illegal access by governments.
  • We strive to select only backdoor-free third party products and services throughout all operations of our firm.

Web Privacy and Security for everybody

X and Me and its partners strongly believe in freedom of speech and the right to privacy. We believe the web should stay free, open, diverse and private. We believe in your right to privacy.
The core strength of our team is a deep understanding of (and decades of experience with) web technologies, remote desktop protocols, web browsers and JavaScript.