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Deployment & Specifications

Security as a Service

We offer Cyberwall also as fully-managed, cloud-based service. Depending on requirements, hosting can be done in Germany or Switzerland with global pops. The hosting partners working with us offer different standardized support levels, which can be adjusted in accordance with the individual projects and requirements. Cyberwall can handle very large traffic volumes with of concurrent web sessions.

Hybrid Deployment

Cyberwall can be deployed as hybrid solution with containers running on your site as well as in public cloud environments. With a hybrid deployment, organizations are able to extend the rich security features of an existing on-premise Cyberwall deployment to the cloud. Hybrid deployments can serve as an intermediate step to changing from on-premise to a cloud deployment and allow seamless scaling.

Virtual Infrastructure

Cyberwall is available packaged as a virtual appliance running on clouds or server virtualization infrastructures on clients' premises. Depending on the requirements and resources of the organization and the IT department, the solution can be integrated with other external security solutions and existing web security gateways to intelligently route unknown traffic via the web isolation solution.  

Technical Specifications

Cyberwall supports number of common virtualization environments (KVM, XEN, VMWARE) and Host Operating Systems (Linux, BSD, Solaris). Furthermore, most existing security architectures do not need adjustments for a Cyberwall deployment, because the traffic proxied by Cyberwall is normal HTTP traffic. We are happy to provide further technical specifications. Please drop us a quick note and somebody will get in touch shortly.